'Broadway Weekends’ is made up of a team of professional Broadway actors, dancers and musicians. For most of us, our love of theater grew not only from watching awe-inspiring performances but also from the thrill of being part of a cast. The unique ‘family’ dynamic created within an ensemble is what we hope to foster within our events - creating a fun, safe environment for you to reawaken the theatre kid within you!

For actors, their very selves are their instrument - a rich melange of lyric, soul, emotionality and physicality. From witnessing this, I learned more about how to realize a more authentic self. As we all come from very different professions, few of us cross paths with actors in our everyday lives. As such, they are larger-than-life, in part by design. It was such a delight to get a glimpse of them as people, to see that they are as ‘normal (or not)’ and goofy as the rest of us.
— NOEL, (San Diego)
“Broadway Weekends was an incredible experience. I really felt our teachers cared about us and wanted us to reach our potential...I would do it again in a heartbeat and will be sharing with all of my theater friends!”
Broadway Weekends was an amazing experience for those who are passionate about theatre or just want to give it a try! It was exciting to work with professionals in the Broadway community and I think anyone - no matter what background or experience - will leave having sweat it out, made new friends and learned more about themselves through the art of musical theatre.
— Kristie Koos - (Long Island City)
“Wow! What a weekend!!! I learned so much, had tons of fun, made new friends, and I’m beyond exhausted (the good kind of exhausted)!
Broadway Weekends was the perfect solution for musical theatre kid’s that are all grown up! I got to sing and dance and act and make friends, just like I used to at summer camp! Taking class, especially with Broadway professionals, was a dream come true! My inner kid is still jumping up and down with glee! On the practical side, as a theatre educator, it was excellent to get insight into being a student again. My teacher “bag” is full again with new ideas to challenge and inspire my students. I wish we could afford to do the extended Broadway Weekend class - one day was simply not enough! Thank you so much for this opportunity (that I truly thought was gone with my youth)!
— Stephanie Adamczyk - (Pittsburg)